Theme songs and toilet paper

This is the story of this morning:

I woke up early, surprisingly without the lethargy that might be expected after writing until 4am.  I was greeted by a frantic housemate on my way to the shower– we were out of toilet paper!  Once dressed, she asked me for a favor; she had a client and a pair of maintenance workers coming first thing and could not leave the house, but would I mind running out for toilet paper?  I have no transportation of my own, but she handed me her car keys, a brief list of groceries, and her debit card.  Surprised at the show of trust– or perhaps of desperation– I assured her that she had nothing to worry about and that I’d be back soon.

Out in her car, the radio comes on with the engine.  What strikingly familiar tune begins on the radio at that very moment?  Why it’s The Power of Love!  Immediately, I’m having a Back to the Future day, and the song plays all the way to the grocery store and just before I turn off the engine.

At the store, I have a parking space just next to the handicapped spots, near the main doors.  Everything on her list besides the toilet paper is on sale.  The cashier is twiddling her thumbs and happy to see me; we have a short, pleasant conversation.

Back in the parking lot, I am again greeted by the nicer 80’s tunes, and it’s green lights all the way home.  I don’t even have to wait for a gap in the cars to make a left hand turn, because there’s a gap there and just waiting for my to take advantage right as I pull up.  In the driveway, my housemate always backs into her parking space– I’m not comfortable with that, but I want to see if I can avoid pissing her off, so I try it– and on the first attempt, I have a perfect, absolutely straight and even parking job.

Back in the house, she exclaims in surprise, “Wow, that was fast!”  I’m back before the arrival of her first client.  I grin and tell her how smoothly everything went and that her groceries were on sale, and I help her put things away.  It isn’t until I pull out the toilet paper to break it up between the bathrooms that I see it.

I’d picked up paper towels by mistake.


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